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Sampling (SP)

Sometime, waiting for factory to arrange samples let you been cheated by real product quality and move your business largo before ordering.

Do you want to know if supplier’s product quality of is good or not immediately? Do you want to receive samples which select by our expert inspector, not arranged by supplier?

As an impartial third party, QCF provide special sampling service independently and fearlessly. Samples as your order will be picked randomly from factory mass production; you will get a chief idea of samples in Evaluation Report which made by QCF expert inspector in 24 hours. Save the time and express charge if you reject the sample.

QCF allows customer to integrate Sampling service with Quality Inspection, Factory Audit and Laboratory Test. We guarantee samples will be picked from mass production randomly.

According to customer requirements, our professional inspectors will pick the samples randomly in factory, sort samples in sealed envelope or carton box then send by express to you.


Sampling can be composed as follows:

• Booking the test individually or combination with Production Inspection or Lab Test 48hours in advance

• Online Payment or TT 

• Inspector on site 9:30 am-5:30 p.m.

• Collecting samples from mass production in factory randomly

• Evaluation Report in your inbox and into your private space in 24hours

• Sending samples to you by express.

The sampling service allows you:

• To detect any errors will happen in the production of your product

• To know the real quality of your supplier

• To select supplier with the best product

• To save time and express charge or whole order on choosing the right supplier

The price is based on US$ 196 per man-day in china when you book the service individually.

Additional options available next to this service:

• Printed report: 20US$/report

• Supplementary Neutral Report to your client: 20US$/report

• Bank TT charges: 20US$/payment

• Inspection certificate: 20US$