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During Production Inspection (DPI)


During Production Inspection (DPI) is the second most frequent type of quality inspection after Pre-shipment Inspection (IPI).

Why need During Production Inspection( DPI)?

Most time, Just do Pre-shipment inspection before delivery is too late. You found the vendor didn't manufacture your order rightly, but unable to repair, no time to re-produce or your vendor refused to do. You will be in dilemma because don't find the problem earlier. After having experience of import, More and more clients choice to do earlier inspection (DPI) before Pre-shipment Inspection.

When to conduct During Production Inspection (DPI)?

During Production Inspection (DPI) will be conducted during 20-50% production finish. Not too early, if don't have enough finished products. Not too late, If more than 50% finished. The ideal inspection time depends on your product style and factory experience.

Where to do During Production Inspection (DPI)?

QC Factory inspector will perform the inspection on site in vendor's plant.

What you can get from During Production Inspection (DPI)?

During Production Inspection (DPI) ensures the products quality and goods requirement are maintained through the production phase, issues earlier correction to further pinpoint problems before completion of the whole production.

QC Factory operate control and recommendations for production processes and capacity.

During Production Inspection (DPI) involves checking the following points and operating the following steps:


 • How many finished products are ready

• How many products already packed

• How many products not manufactured

• The capacity of production lines and other capabilities


• Style

• Color

• Dimensions

• Weight

• Accessories (user manual, etc.)

• Functional test

• Construction of test

• Testing of the Assembly


• Logo

• Barcode

• Stickers and tag

• Shipping Mark


• Defects listing

• Degree of defects

• Defective photos


• Areas for improvement to correct defects

• What corrective action plan to implement before you production finish

• If the production will be on time or not If an Initial Inspection performed previously, we will check whether the recommendations made above have been implemented and complied with or not.

If an Initial Inspection performed previously, we will check whether the recommendations made above have been implemented and complied with or not.

During Production Inspection (DPI) can be composed as follows:

• Booking the inspection 48Hours in advance

• Online Payment or TT

• Inspector on site 9:30 am-5:30 p.m.

• Check your merchandise from the morning

• Report in your inbox and into your private space in 24Hours

During Production Inspection (DPI) is a service that let you:

• Get a snapshot of the status of your production

• Check if deadlines can met

• Recommend corrective actions before it's too late

• Ensure that your products meet your specifications and expectations

• Avoid delays and extra costs

The price of During Production Inspection (DPI) is based on US$ 268 per man-day in china

Additional options available next to this service:

Printed report: 20US$/inspection

Supplementary Neutral Report to your client: 20US$/inspection

Picking up sample under seal during the inspection on your behalf: 20US$

Bank TT charges: 20US$/payment

Inspection certificate: 20US$

Night overtime: 50US$/Hour. For example to wait for late production or to supervise a late container loading orto implement the necessary corrective actions for some urgent shipments.