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Existence Factory Audit (EA)

Our Existence Factory Audit (EA) service was proved to be an effective way to filter out bogus companies, to avoid doing business primarily with non entity of really existing maybe just in the website.

Existence Factory Audit  can be composed as follows:

QC Factory will provide the official files of the manufaturer in electronic or printed on paper with goverment chops on directly to you.

You can know not only the standard information: company name, date of creation, legal owner, industry, annual accounts, address, legal registration ...,but also the following points according to their availabilities:

• Creation date

• Legal Representation

• Records

• Export license

• Annual accounts

• Bank information

• Historical activity.

• Sales information ...

Existence Factory Audit service can be composed as follows:

• Booking the Audit 48Hours in advance

• Online Payment or TT

• We verify company information according to your request

• Get official files in electronic or printed on paper

• Report in your inbox and into your private space within 3 working days

Existence Factory Audit service enable you to:

• Detect fictitious companies before further process

• Know your supplier’s nature, manufacturer, dealer or agent ...

• Check your provider’s legal official information

• Avoid to lose your deposit or more

The price of Existance Factory audit is established on the basis of US$ 80 + Official charge of files Aside to this service,totally 180 US$  per survey 

extra options are available:

• Translate the file in english: US$150

• Official stamp on the file: US$30

• Inspection certificate: 20US$

• Bank TT charge: US$20/payment