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QC Factory (Quality Control Factory) provides professional and series of Laboratory Test (Lab Test) and Sampling services in all China and Turkey, and soon in India, Vietnam.

Why need Laboratory Test (Lab test) and Sampling? 

Your import products must meet international standards and regulation in force. Lab Test by independent approved laboratories brings safety importation, ensures you stay away from customer complain.   

Sampling randomly and fairly on site by QC Factory inspector will let you know real factory product quality.

When to carry on Laboratory Test (Lab test) and Sampling?

Laboratory Test (Lab test) and sampling can be performed when you have approval sample or factory similar sample to pick for lab test before ordering or start mass production.

Lab Test and Sampling can be combination with Quality Control and Factory Audit.

Sampling (SP)

Sometime, waiting for factory to arrange samples let you been cheated by real product quality and move your business largo before ordering. Do you want to know if supplier’s product quality of ...

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Laboratory Test (LT)

Ensure your products to compliance with international regulation in force, QC Factory specialize in varies products lines to arrange the test with independent approved laboratories. We advise you...

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