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Decides how deep the inspector will go when selecting samples and how to evaluate the inspection result.

Inspection level

In order to establish how many pieces/products will be inspected by our inspector, we will have an established protocol of the product which made according to our professional supervisors and client’s requirement. 

AQL level

We use the Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) tables provided as below.AQL is a method allowing estimating if a production batch should be accepted or rejected by considering a sampling operated on a random selected part of this production.


Steps to find AQL acceptable range for your order:

 • In Table I, find the total quantity of the batch that will be inspected under Lot or Batch Size.(For example, the shipment we are inspecting is 1600 pieces, I would be looking at the row that says “1201 to 3200”)

• Then slide over to the right to find the inspection level, which is also the sample size. There are two sections: Special Inspection Levels and General Inspection Levels. We will use the most common General Inspection Level. You’ll see that based on our batch size we can choose H (Level I), K (Level II) or L (Level III), so we choose K (Level II).

• Check table 2 to confirm the sample sizes. We confirmed K (Level II) for 1600pieces products, so find “K”, then besides”125” is the sample sizes need to be selected for inspection. Slide over to right, we will find the “acceptable quality standard for inspection”, then can find the range to accept or reject the shipment.

Sample size code letters

Lot size

General inspection level


Special inspection level

S1 S2 S3 S4
2 to 8 Une Une B Une Une Une Une
9 to 15 Une B C Une Une Une Une
16 to 25 B C D Une Une B B
25 to 50 C D E Une B B C
51 to 90 C E F B B C C
91 to 150 D F G B B C D
151 to 280 E G H B C D E
281 to 500 F H J B C D E
501 to 1200 G J K C C E F
1201 to 3200 H K L C D E G
3201 to 10000 J L M C D F G
10001 to 35000 K M N C D F H
35001 to 150000 L N P D E G J
15001 to 500000 M P Q D E G J
500001 + N Q R D E H K