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QC Factory (Quality Control Factory) provides professional and series of QUALITY INSPECTION services in all China and Turkey, and soon in India, Vietnam.

Why Quality Inspection is important?

Answer is simple, poor quality brings more cost. Quality Inspection is the best method to secure your order and reduce the risks substantially. By Quality Inspection, you can obtain the status of your production and accurate the situation before paying the balance of your property. Quality Inspection is from beginning of production to loading container.

What‘s your benefit from Quality Inspection?

QC Factory‘s goal of Quality Inspection is early defects detection, to support the delivery time, to save time and cost, to reduce the risks associated with faulty production or insufficient capacity for all importers.

What’s on Quality Inspection report?

Principle of QC Factory report is Easy, Clear, Precise and Objective. Take a few mistunes to read the report directly in your account without download it.

From the report of Quality Inspection, you can ensure production procedure, products quality is proceeding to your requirements, and you can know the defects on time to find out the solution before too late.

What inspection services are performed by QC Factory?

  • Loading Supervision (LSI)
  • During Production Inspection (DPI)
  • Initial Production Inspection (IPI)
  • Production Monitoring (PM)
  • Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)
  • Defect Inspection (DI)

Loading Supervision(LSI)

Loading Supervision (LSI) is the final step of quality inspection. Many things can go wrong when your vendor load the container. QC Factory will perform the inspection at site before and dur...

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During Production Inspection (DPI)

During Production Inspection (DPI) is the second most frequent type of quality inspection after Pre-shipment Inspection (IPI). Why need During Production Inspection( DPI)? Most time, Just do Pr...

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Initial Production Inspection (IPI)

Initial ProductionInspection (IPI) is a visual inspection of materials, components and products available at an initial stage of production. Why need Initial Product Inspection? Initial Produc...

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Production Monitoring (PM)

Production Monitoring (PM) is a continuousquality control of your plant.An inspector comes to your plant everyday and gives you a report (daily) on the status of your production and quality. Why n...

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Pre-shipment inspection (PSI)

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) is the most important, reliable and frequent quality control method requested by importers. It is the detailed inspection of the products when more than 80% of the b...

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Defect Inspection (DFI)

Do you want your products are all qualified? Then Defect Inspection will be your choice. Defect Inspection is an important and new quality inspection service which can be performed after a failed D...

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