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Loading Supervision(LSI)


Loading Supervision (LSI) is the final step of quality inspection. Many things can go wrong when your vendor load the container. QC Factory will perform the inspection at site before and during the vendor load the goods into container.

Loading Supervision process includes, for example, checking the condition of the container, counting the number of total shipped quantity, ensuring the final product details are correct with order requirements, loading process supervision, ect.

When Container loading supervision is most useful?

- When the out packing cartons will be used as retail packing

- When you don’t trust on the vendor will load the right and qualified goods

- When the goods are sensitive on good packing and loading way

- When loaded products from different vendors, conformity and quantity of goods are important

Container Loading Supervision (LSI) consists of the following:


We record information of the operation:

• Container number and truck number

• Weather andarrival time of your container on the site

We randomly check the quality of your products:

• Specifications

• Manufacturing

• Marking and labeling

• Packing and Packaging

We verify the quantity and packing list:

• By counting to check if the quantity and packing list correspond to your official documents

We check the conditions outside and inside of your container:

• Humidity

• Leakage

• Cleanliness

• Perforation

• Smell

• Damage

We supervise and check the loading:

• The registration status of container (carton / pallet)

• Loading process be done carefully (Limitation of broken carton and products)

Our Container Loading Supervision (LSI) can be composed as follows:

• Booking the inspection 48Hours inadvance

• Online Payment or TT

• Inspector on site 9:30 am-5:30 p.m.

• Check your merchandise from the morning

• Report in your inbox and into your private space in 24Hours

Our Loading Supervision is a service that ensures you that :

• Shipped goods are in accordance

• Packing has been done correctly following to your recommendations

•The quantity and quality of products have been checked

•The status of the container has been done.

•The optimal loading has been realized.

The price Of our Loading Supervision is based on US$ 268 per man-day in china

Additional options available next to this service:

Printed report: 20US$/inspection

Supplementary Neutral Report to your client: 20US$/inspection

Picking up sample under seal during the inspection on your behalf: 20US$

Bank TT charges: 20US$/payment

Inspection certificate: 20US$

Night overtime: 50US$/Hour. For example to wait for late production or to supervise a late container loading orto implement the necessary corrective actions for some urgent shipments.