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QC Factory (Quality Control Factory) provides professional and series of FACTORY AUDIT services in all China and Turkey, and soon in India, Vietnam.

Why Factory Audit is so important?

On the condition of worldwide competitive market, choosing a right manufacturer is the first security for your import from China and Asia, but this always with risk if you don’t know the supplier.

  • If they are real manufacturer or just trade Company, or worse not exist?
  • Are you confident on supplier’s production capability and facilities to product your order?
  • Do you know if suppliers respect labor laws and local recognized standards?
  • Have you been cheated by suppliers who gave you cheap price but never deliver goods?

Factory Audit services will give you the right answer; let you know suppliers on QC Factory detailed report.

What Audit services you can choice in QC Factory?

  • Factory Audit (FA): According to ISO 9000 standards.
  • Social Factory Audit (SFA): According to SA8000 standards.
  • Express Factory Audit (EFA): Quick and precise audit.
  • Existence Factory Audit (EA): Get full registered information in government.


When to carry on factory audit?

Factory Audits are the last step in the sourcing process. They are better to be performed when you have potential suppliers list to consider to order before sending deposit or before sample production.

What’s on Factory audit report?

Principle of QC Factory report is Easy, Clear, Precise and Objective. Take a few mistunes to read the report directly in your account without download it.

  • Factory Audit (FA): Factory general information, Production capability and facility, Supplier‘s reliability.ect.
  • Social Factory Audit (SFA): Focus on if factory compliance with internationally recognized standards related to labor laws,   child employment and many other aspects.
  • Express Factory Audit (EFA): Factory general information, Production capability and facility
  • Existence Factory Audit (EA): General registered information, Annual sales report.

Factory Audit (FA)

If you are expecting suppliers to deliver products with the right quality and quantity and at the right time, it requires that suppliers reach certain quality standards within their operations. ...

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Express Factory Audit (EFA)

Where a comprehensive audit is not required but when a quick, fast, efficient supplier evaluation providing an overview with an affordable price is needed. Express Factory Audit will provide a...

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Social Factory Audit (SFA)

The Social Factory Audit is performed to protect your name in trade. We follow internationally recognized SA 8000 to audit the performance and capabilities of the manufacturer to decide whether t...

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Existence Factory Audit (EA)

Our Existence Factory Audit (EA) service was proved to be an effective way to filter out bogus companies, to avoid doing business primarily with non entity of really existing maybe just in the webs...

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