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Laboratory Test (LT)

Ensure your products to compliance with international regulation in force, QC Factory specialize in varies products lines to arrange the test with independent approved laboratories. We advise you to test material or sample before starting mass production, and QCF guarantee the samples will be picked from mass production by our inspector, not arranged by factory. Laboratory Test leaves you quiet from client complains, keeps your confidence on supplier and quality.

According to customer requirements, our professional inspectors willpick the

samples randomly infactory, sort samples in sealed envelope or carton boxthen send to

laboratory by express.QCF allows you to combination Laboratory test with production inspection;

Samples will be picked from lots.


Our test can be composed as follows:

• Booking the test individually or combination with inspection 48Hours in advance

• Receiving quotation from laboratory in 48 hours

• Online Payment or TT

• Inspector on site 9:30 am-5:30 p.m.

• Collectingmaterial or samples from factory/ Collecting the samples from mass production after inspection

• Sending test report within 24hours after receiving from laboratory

Laboratory Test service allows you to:

• Obtain a health and quality guarantee for your final customers

• Authorities request formal Certification of Conformity

• Give you a scientific proof and guarantee of your product capabilities.

• Judge your product properties.

• Get the confirmation that your purchasing is compliant with Norms.

• Avoid to lose whole before ensure factory material and sample is qualified

The price is based on US$ 196 per man-day when you book the service individually, and below charges will be add:      

QCF management charge: US$80 + Test laboratory charge(on request)

Additional options available next to this service:

• Printed report: 20US$/report

• Supplementary Neutral Report to your client: 20US$/report

• Bank TT charges: 20US$/payment

• Inspection certificate: 20US$